admin December 12, 2019

Tiny food are so viral, lately. Many people make a video about how to make a tiny food or how to make the miniature. Some food around the world have been made in miniature version. One of them is butter cookies, a famous food from Denmark. Some brand’s cookies have been made in miniature versions which looks like the original, like miniature Danish butter cookies

Actually, making miniature food has been known for a long time, but people still use a simple material. The material that usually used such as styrofoam, paper, plastic, etc. Make a miniature food used this material, still gives unsatisfactory result. Besides, we need more of stuff to make it, the miniature still looks like a replica. 

The good news is to make a miniature food, people don’t need a lot of stuff. With a clay only, people can make a lot of variations of food miniature. Clay is a material that formed from polymers. Easy to shape, because the texture soft. Looks like ceramic clay but it will not dry out when exposed to air. To make a miniature food, people just need to shape, baked, and cool.

For some people, tiny miniature looks so cute and they like to collect them. Some of collectors, usually collect such as car miniature, figure miniature, etc. For the miniatures collector, food miniature is a new thing on their collection, maybe. But, it never hurts to try collecting miniature food, because there are a lot of miniature food that sell on the market. 

For those of you who have a hobby to collect the miniature, you can add a food miniature as your reference. The shape is so cute and the form of shape that looks like the original, it is give the minis lovers their own enjoyment. Miniature Danish butter cookies, is one that you can put into you collections lists. 

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